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TeamBalancer Overview

Request and balance teams client/server or peer to peer

DEPRECATED: See TeamManager

The TeamBalancer plugin is used to assign each player in a game session a team number. Players by default have no team, and join teams by calling RequestSpecificTeam() or RequestAnyTeam()

Operations include:

  • SetTeamSizeLimits() - Define the maximum number of players that can join a given team number
  • SetDefaultAssignmentAlgorithm() - Define how to automatically add new players to team - either filling teams in order, or joining the smallest team. This is triggered by a call to RequestAnyTeam()
  • SetForceEvenTeams() - Cause all teams to be evenly balanced. Teams with too many players will have players randomly moved to teams with too few players.
  • RequestSpecificTeam() - Change to a requested team. If this team is full, your join will be pending, until either that team is not full, or a player on the desired team wants to switch with your team.
  • CancelRequestSpecificTeam() - If RequestSpecificTeam() has not yet completed, this will remove that request.
  • RequestAnyTeam() - Join a team randomly, based on the default team assignment algorithm.
  • GetMyTeam() - Return which team I am on, if any.
  • SetAllowHostMigration() - Call with true for peer to peer, otherwise call with false.

See the header file TeamBalancer.h for more information and complete documentation of each parameter and function, as well as messages returned to the user.

See the sample project Samples\TeamBalancer for an implementation of this system.

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