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Custom Memory Management
Override new, delete, malloc, free, and realloc

Users wishing to provide custom memory management functions can do so via RakMemoryOverride.cpp.

There are 3 global pointers defined in this file, with predefined defaults:

void* (*rakMalloc) (size_t size) = RakMalloc;
void* (*rakRealloc) (void *p, size_t size) = RakRealloc;
void (*rakFree) (void *p) = RakFree;

To override, simply set the values of these variables to something else.

For example, to override malloc, you may write:

#include "RakMemoryOverride.h"

void *MyMalloc(size_t size)
return malloc(size);

int main()
// ...

Then edit the file RakNetDefinesOverrides.h and add


Alternatively, edit RakNetDefines.h _USE_RAK_MEMORY_OVERRIDE

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